About The Dream Builders Program

Dream Builders connects youth and their families with reading & financial literacy programs, educational activities, community outreach and mentorship programs strengthening goals and dreams. Our 5 program elements: 

  1. Reading Literacy 
  2. Financial Literacy 
  3. Kindness
  4. Community 
  5. Building On Life’s Dreams 

We intend to build a community of Dreamers Builders providing tools and resources to help define career paths and life choices. Our Dream Builders program will create opportunities for team building, it will empower students to be self-confident and become effective leaders.

Programs will be delivered in partnership with Khambrel Foundation, it’s staff and volunteers. Program elements will be designed according to facility’s needs. Approved after-school program initiatives, community organizations, businesses and educators maybe added to program elements to maximize impact. At the end of our Dreams Builders program, youth will be able to: 

  • Develop a strong foundation for reading and enhanced motor skills activities
  • Understand the basics of money management and starting a business.
  • Feel and show kindness to all and stop bullying.
  • Learn about community, team building and how to make a difference.
  • Embrace their dreams and make them come true.
Register youth to participate in all Khambrel Foundation Dream Builders activities. PRINT and RETURN Parental Consent Form. 

Dream Builders Day Camps

Youth Ages 6-17 and Grades 1st through High School

B&G Dream Builders

Youth ages 1-5 and Day-Care to Pre-K

Vision Board Party


We must instill in our youth the need to be SUPER KIND to ourselves, so we can learn to be kind to others. Bullying is a growing problem and we are continuously faced with different types of bullies. 

So many of our youth lack the basic tools needed to fight bullying and many are targeted on a frequent basis often leading to suicides. These program elements teach our youth to build lines of communication and share kindness to all. 

  1. Self-Kindness
  2. Family
  3. School
  4. Community
  5. City


Youth ages 6-17 may participate in all Super Kind Kid initiatives under facility guidelines along with Khambrel Foundation guidelines and events. Youth may use hours volunteered toward school credit or community service hours. Ambassadors for kindness and compassion for others is a global initiative and our Dream Builders pledge to be Super Kind! Youth receive points to be used toward our Star Award Program. 

Donuts With Dad

Lemonade Day