Building Dreams One Book at a Time


Khambrel Foundation provides reading programs and incentives designed to encourage building our children’s dreams now. We partner with Day Cares, Libraries, Elementary Schools and Community Organizations working with children building dreams one book at a time. We partner with facilities at no cost to participate or out of pocket expenses during the program. Let us help build staff morale and help motive your group to read more. Khambrel Foundation will provide supplies needed and staff to perform program activities. We empower children to build their dreams by promoting reading literacy one book at a time. Let us help motivate your children to read more, join Dream Builders and gain access to member benefits and great incentives.

Matching Grant Sponsor

Sponsor a book donation drive by making a donation in the amount of $250 to meet the minimum matching criteria for LITERACY for a LIFETIME. A partnership that aligns local businesses with Educational Development Corporation in support of neighborhood schools and organizations offering a 50% matching grant for each dollar a local business contributes.

Amazon Wishlist

Donate reading books and age-appropriate electronics to children so that we may freely share with program participants, facilities and our community mobile book campaign sharing books with those with no access to community libraries.

Donate school supplies. We understand that some parents have difficulty making purchases and teachers are not able to meet the demands of needy children. With your help, we will provide supplies for program needs and staff to perform program activities.